What Does Success Mean to You?

What is success, we all have different meaning of success, in the most general terms success is known as the opposite of failure, it can also be the achievement of a personal goal or vision.

In 2018/2019, success is perceived to be someone who is famous, or someone who has attained wealth.

battle black board game chess

My favorite definition of success comes from this quote by Earl Nightingale

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal”                                                                                                                         Earl Nightingale

 In his talks he explains success is whatever goal you set your mind to achieve, that could be, being a housewife with 4 children, or becoming a teacher with children that come out with really good grades from your classes, it could be someone learning how to bake a cake from scratch, or a child learning how to ride a bicycle, or finally finishing that book you have been reading for a year now.

Basically success does not have to be our box standard Instagram or Facebook version of flaunting your wealth or achievement to the world, or making more money in business than your friends.

Success is whatever you put your mind to achieve no matter how small or how big.


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