Instagram and Your Business

According to recent statistics Instagram hits 1 billion active users monthly as at June 2018, after Instagram is Facebook

Instagram provides a fantastic way for businesses to promote their products and services by using visually appealing content. Instagram provides businesses with a hip and trendy platform to communicate with desired target audiences and increase brand awareness.


Instagram is quite easy to understand and use, most users post pictures or inspiring quotes and their followers like and comment on their posts, personally on my Instagram I use inspiring quotes for now till I start having visually appealing images that relates to my business to share.

Instagram Helps build your Brand – with Instagram there is no direct sales channel, it is more of a way for you to build your brand awareness, as you know it’s about sharing content that makes people interested in your company.  it is also a great way to get to know your customers and engage with them, you could go on their profiles and see what their interests are. and you can also follow your competitors and see what they are doing.

Do not build your Instagram profile around trying to make sales, this does not work on this particular social media platform, it is more of a tool to raise brand awareness, therefore this should not be your only marketing strategy.

Instagram does have the option to do paid promotion for your business, if you are happy to pay the money, on the ads you can add a shop now link to your paid promotion but again this will work better if you already have an active following.

As with any social media network they are constantly changing and eventually they may change and make the opportunity for business to use their platform harder, just like Facebook did, Facebook suppresses their business pages content from reaching their followers unless you use the paid promotion option , which they did not do previously, it is also worth knowing that Facebook now owns Instagram so the time to start making use of Instagram to promote your business is now


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