Ways Facebook Can Help Grow Your Business

Facebook needs no introduction, almost everyone from all age groups have a facebook personal account, this is the exact reason why small businesses should have a facebook account, facebook has a lot of tools that help small businesses.

Some benefits of using Facebook for your business are, it legitimizes your business in the eye of your customers, a solid Facebook presence can help you engage with potential customers, and any business that does not have a Facebook account in 2018 seems outdated.

Here are 4 ways that you can use facebook to your advantage.


1.Create a business page – To market your business as a professional entity you should create a Facebook business page, this allows you to customize the page by putting a lot of information about your business such as, address, product details, email, website etc. which is beneficial for your business

2. Post Regularly – for your Facebook page to reach desired target audiences, you need to post regularly, you should post a minimum of once per day, your audiences want to feel like they can relate to you.

As well as posting regularly, you should also post relevant and educative content, some social media managers suggest a behind the scenes of your business, businesses that offer products should not have a problem with this, you can post pictures of your products. if this is not possible like in my case you can use Facebook polls to ask what your audience would like to see.  Another way is to use the Facebook insights tool which is free for every business page, you can use this to see the posts that people engaged with more.

3. Engage your followers – Facebooks Algorithm prefers posts and pages that create engagement with its community, when posting anything on Facebook, you should ask yourself if it will create some sort of engagement.

Responding to customers comments, question and concerns is a must for businesses, Facebook is a site for social engagement, so don’t forget to be social friendly and supportive.

4. Facebook Ads – if finding relevant content that is engaging is a bit difficult for you, you can use Facebook ads, Facebook ads promotes your contents to targeted audiences and they reach more people. these tools are highly effective and make it easy to target your desired audience.

You can target audiences by age, interests, gender and location. due to Facebook collecting its users data, it can target your ads to people who are most likely to be interested in your product or service.

Facebook advertising undoubtedly works for businesses, I myself have just signed up for a course from someone I have never heard of, but the course was obviously targeted to businesses such as myself which proves it works. what are you waiting for!


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