4 Ways to Use Images in Promoting Your Business

In todays social media crazy world, pictures have never been more important to promote your business or to increase brand awareness.

“Of all the inventions for communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language”   – Walt Disney 

Photos are an important part of brand building, visuals such as videos and pictures can entertain, captivate and convey your message in a few minutes.  here are 4 ways to use pictures to promote your business.

Using images in promoting business

1. Take and use high quality images – for product based businesses, taking high-resolution pictures of your products will help show your consumers what the product looks like before they buy, you can also take photos in interesting environments or of your existing consumers using your products, these will evoke emotions in the potential customer.

For business that are serviced based using the same high-quality photos apply, for example a small cake making company, could use photos of the cake baking in the oven and the cake when it is decorated and finished, and the customers eating the cake at the event feeling happy.

2. Use social media – as I have said many times on this blog social media is the way forward, all businesses must have social media if they want to increase awareness and sales. social media is an important part of how consumers learn about new businesses.

There are many social media platforms, you don’t have to use all platforms, but you should know your demographic and follow them on the platforms they use, snapchat is more for the younger audience, whilst Facebook is more for the older audience, it is important to note this before choosing your social media platform and also understanding the way the platforms use their images is important. the kind of images you would use for twitter will be different from the type of image you would use for Facebook.

3. Use SEO in your images – SEO is search engine optimization, and this can help with using images for brand promotion. such as using rich quality images in your websites, using SEO can simply be naming your image file correctly with a keyword you want to rank.

you can also do this by incorporating keywords into your texts or captions to increase potential search results, you can also add captions under images.

This area can get tedious, that’s probably why it gets overlooked, but investing some time and thought into this can help move traffic to your website.

4. Use consistent messages – the images you use should reflect your brand persona, and your brand message, in doing this you should understand your target audience and the kinds of images that appeal to that audience.

Due to the availability of mobile phones consumers expect to see integrated multimedia images, so whether it is on snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or your website gallery the images you use for your marketing should be consistent. These images will help boost your business brand.

The days of not caring about aesthetics are over, using visuals whether images or video is a must for any business marketing.









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