How Huawei Rose To Become No3 In The Smartphone Market Through Branding

A couple of years ago, you might not have heard of Huawei, especially as consumers had problems pronouncing Huawei, it is pronounced wah way, again a language barrier that may put consumers of. But fast forward to today the brand is now globally recognised as the no3 smartphone maker directly behind Apple and Samsung.

What was their brand strategy?

3063930_171212_huawei_03cz_437133 1. They collaborated with A-list celebrities – Huawei has done a number of successful celebrity collaboration, they did a teaser campaign for their most successful smartphone the P9, it starred Scarlett Johansson and Henry Cavill, the advert highlighted the 12-megapixel camera and its stunning photographic capabilities.

2. They used exhibitions to showcase their new products on a large-scale – Huawei uses large scale exhibitions to introduce its new products, they have led several joint exhibitions with the Mobile World Congress. During these events they demonstrate their new innovations which results in collaborations.

3. They gained over 44m Facebook followers by using engaging visual posts – Huawei used consistent visually rich imagery and videos on their social media pages, which seems to be working, having 44 m followers on Facebook is no easy task, they also created a #standout campaign for their P10, the campaign highlights colour options on the smartphone which allows you to standout.

4. They used traditional marketing strategies placing billboard ads in Europe – they covered entire buildings in Brussels, Berlin and Poland with Huawei ads, they also covered all the highways and roads with Huawei billboards, which worked, according to an article Huawei sold 10 times more phones than Apple in Finland.

Lessons Learnt –creating visually engaging content consistently can help build your community on social media. Collaborating with celebrities that have a massive fanbase can increase brand awareness, also traditional marketing methods still work such as the billboard ads if you have the budget.



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