Fendi New Brand Strategy

Fendi the Italian fashion house which rose to fame with its Baguette bag, has been laying low recently due to mismanagement. Is now hot again due with its small accessories and clever social media affiliations.


throughout this year , the Fendi classic double F Zucca print has been all over social media, Karl Lagerfield has certainly done his homework and realised that the new generation are all about logos, they have been able to regain their buzz, by  the introduction of accessories, they came out with the interchangeable straps that customers can use to personalize their Fendi bags, and it can also be used to personalise other bags. these leather and fur pompom go for as much as $2400 to $900, and others  in the lower price range are $500. Fendi also cleverly used social media during its spring 2018 catwalk show, by posting pics on their instagram page as the catwalk was in progress.

The Italian fashion house used social media influencers Kendal Jenner on its runway, she modelled a cropped fur jacket in the signature print. also, several celebrities have been seen wearing the all over prints, such as Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian, Rita Ora, Gigi and more. Making them a live walking fendi billboard

Fendi spring 2018. photo just jared                                                                                                                  

Just when we thought we could not see any more Nicki Minaj released her new record “Chun Li” and she did it in style wearing a Fendi outfit on the cover of her record.


whilst also social media mogul Kylie Jenner took her baby for a stroll in a matching mommy and me Fendi explosion, with the stroller being Fendi logomania at its best.

Photo @ kylie jenner instagram/ youtube                                                                                                

Fendi winning digital strategy through Instagram and snapchat, has earned them a place back on the luxury logomania market, competing with likes of Gucci and Burberry.

This is a clever use of social media marketing campaign at its best. well done to Fendi. this is a lesson for all businesses big and small.










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