6 Weeks

It has officially been 6 weeks since I started the blog to document my progress to events PR greatness!

To be honest not much has happened yet, but what can be said so far is my consistency especially in my social media approach, I have remained consistent posting everyday around the same time, the only thing is I have not started posting pictures of myself, instead been concentrating on posting quotes on my Instagram and Facebook.

There have been a few positives since opening the  business Instagram and Facebook accounts,the same content has been posted on both, also with my personal page as well. with the Instagram especially, I have slowly but surely started to gain momentum, still getting only about 20 likes so far, but people have started following me and  the account has started getting some comments on the  posts, which I am making sure to reply as soon as I see them, as we have learnt customer engagement is very important.

close up photography of woman taking a photo

The next step is to start posting pictures and pictures of events that I am attending, but  haven’t been to any events yet, and i am too camera shy to just post random pictures of myself , but It needs to start. Still waiting to find the perfect photographer to take my pictures, but not too expensive of course at this stage of the business, I did find somebody at a party, but I decided they were not a good fit for my brand, if they take the pictures I would have to credit them on my page, after much thought decided he did not align with where I saw my brand. these are the subtle things you must pay attention to, who are you endorsing on your social media page, are they in line with your brand values now or in the future, what you want for your brand should start from the onset.  you should know who your target audience is and with the small or big things be able to capture their attention. my target audience is a bit more high-end, therefore the photographs i use must be quality and that translates from the photographer.

So far, I have not received any phone calls about my business, no emails, no queries, but eventually the emails and phone calls will start coming in, it is just about being patient but persistent

Lesson Learnt — know your brand values and your target audience from the start. with a business that provides services patience is of utmost importance.



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