7 Things Great Brands Excel At

Continuing the  branding series outlined are 7 things brands that have stood the test of time and are still killing it in the marketplace do.

Branding is of utmost importance I am sure most of us can think of brands that we knew and loved and have now gone bankrupt, I can think of a few such as Nokia (they did mobile phones),my next post in this series will talk more about this.

According to the author Denise lee yohn, who wrote the book what great brands do. here are 7 principles that build great brands. learn these principles and apply them in your own business and your business should begin to gain momentum
Branding 102

  1. Great brands have excellent team spirit                                                                                Brands team spirit and passion for the product or service your business is offering is your free marketing to the world, if your employees are passionate about the product or service they are offering this will shine through in all their dealings with the business. Big companies pay large amounts of money to build team spirit and corporate culture.
  2. Great brands do not just sell                                                                                                     Great brands do not just sell their products to the consumer, they build emotional connections with their target audiences. people buy according to what identity the brand allows them to experience,express or feel.
  3. Great brands ditch trends                                                                                                          It can be very tempting to follow the latest trends with your brand this could attract some attention, but it is more than often short-term attention. this is largely due to the ever changing nature of trends which could put your brand authenticity at risk.
  4. Great brands pay attention to the little things                                                                     brands that are continuing to excel are the brands that pay attention to the tiniest details, even though it may seem that consumers are not conscious of these little details, they are the ones that imply quality, care, and consistency. how a brand takes care of itself is transferred to how the consumer will believe the brand will treat them.
  5. Great brands do not pursue customers                                                                                 It is be hard not to chase customers, when chasing customers often your brand identity may be compromised in the aligning of your message to be more consumer friendly, this often yields short-term revenue. Yohn says ” consider your best target customer and focus on the unique value you bring them, your brand will be strengthened and your ties with the customers also”.
  6. Great brands know their why and do not stray from it                                                     Great brands are willing to sacrifice short-term profits to maintain brand integrity, know the essence of your brand, your why. The values of your brand should form the foundation of your communication and decision-making. through your values build a brand that has competitive advantage that you will not want to compromise
  7. Great brands do not have to give back                                                                                    They do not have to give back because the ethos of their brand is already creating positive change in the community, sometimes through their products, or just the values of the brand.

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