Making Moves

Last week was all about making slow, steady moves, I solidified the strategy for my business.

During all my research, what kept coming up was to start, but be consistent and form positive habits, therefore to be focused with the business and blog I set aside days to do different tasks to help me focus better. I will be posting business and life updates on Mondays, on Wednesdays I will be posting all about branding and PR, what others are doing and tips and tricks that sort of thing. I have also adopted this approach on my social media, I am using Instagram and Facebook only at the moment. Also looking to feature writers or guest appearances on the blog but that would be on Tuesdays, calling it authors Tuesdays, this should be interesting which will bring in the authors own followers to the blog and help with having fresh exciting content on the blog.

person s playing chess

This week I told more family and friends about the blog, asked them to read and give feedback, the main point that kept coming up is i need to have my picture on the blog and on my social media, which means I need to start posting pictures of myself, but to create a great brand strategy I decided to get a photographer to do my pictures so I can have professional photos, obviously I am a start-up at the moment so I cannot afford a high-end photographer, therefore I have been scouting for start-up photographers or students that would be willing to do the job for an affordable price, luckily this weekend I was at a party that had a photographer, I approached him about business, explaining I am a start-up and  cannot afford to pay too much, he gave me his business card to set up a meeting. I am determined to use this guy for the best possible price, so here is where my PR skills will come in very handy

That has been this week in words, it has been slow and consistent, which is my overall strategy to my business.

Lesson learnt – just keep moving


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