5 Reasons why every business needs PR

For every business owner, either a startup or an already successful business, it is business savvy to hire a public relations agency here are some of the reasons why.

  • PR creates a bridge between your business product or service and your potential customers

PR agencies help with

  • writing and distributing press releases to the right media channels for your business
  • organising events, public appearances and interviews
  • producing social influencing marketing campaigns with social media personalities

two person using gray tablet

Here are the best 5 reasons why your business should hire a PR agency to build or improve your brand image

  1. It shapes your market strategy – traditionally people saw PR and marketing as 2 separate entities, but with the advancement of technology the two paths have become intertwined. today PR and digital marketing work together in building brand awareness, this is why most PR agencies will offer social media marketing to clients
  2. PR will help you save money – it is in every business plan to minimise cost and maximise profit, it takes the average startup 1-2 years to break even. PR costs less than advertising and if done properly will reach a much larger influential audience.
  3. Build brand awareness – building brand awareness is the cake icing of PR, making your brand credible and familiar, PR professionals are storytellers, they analyse your business and craft the positive messages that need to go to the right and relevant media channels.
  4. Maximise product or service launch – this is a major key to the success of any business, you need a service that can help build excitement for the launch, maximise social media engagements, create events and other PR related activities that helps a product launch to achieve its goals.
  5. you want to compete in a crowded market – unless your business is a very niche market, you are likely trying to compete in a crowded or established market. having the right PR will assist you in developing a strategy that focuses on your USP that can help your business stand out from the crowd.

A good PR can quickly become an extension of your team, PR firms offer marketing strategy and clarity that can help your business market its product or service to the right target audience



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