The Wait

This last week has been more about trying to come up with strategies  on what to do next,  I have started the blog, sorted out the about page, created the Facebook and Instagram pages, these are the social media pages i want to focus on for my business. but now what?

photography of woman near round table during daytime

How do I begin to make the magic happen, how do i get people to take me serious in business terms, how do i pitch or look for business, and if i pitch i do not have a track record for the businesses to look at or follow, these thoughts have plagued me throughout this week. then i decided i need to get a part-time job or something i can do to at least pay my household bills if this i am in this for the long haul.

through various research on startups, I learnt that businesses must be patient but persistent, if any business does not have patience they would give in to the pressure of trying to make money to pay the bills they would give up on their dream(if the business is their dream), this is why some startups start as a side hustle whilst having a paying job, but i did not do this i took the plunge instead, i went the other way around. statistics say most successful businesses start gaining momentum after 12- 18 months of starting.

“Slow and steady will get you where you want to go if you put too much pressure on yourself for results too quickly, you will quickly give up”

– Jennifer Young

with this in mind my brain is calculating how I am going to pay my bills whilst continuing on this journey,  i decided on 2 options start buying and selling a product that would generate income to pay the household necessities and  get a part-time job. the part time job is at least easy to find, i found an events agency that recruit staff for hostesses, event attendants, and cloakroom assistants. i thought this would be  perfect, it is in the events field and if i can get the right jobs it could help me learn what goes on behind the scenes  which would be great experience for my business, it was perfect you can decline the particular work if it does noot interest you, it sounded like just what i need, so i signed up.

The next move is to look for what I can sell online to make some extra income, i had the idea  to sell cupcakes, i thought cupcakes, i do not like staying in the kitchen for hours, i do what i need to do and leave, baking would take hours and i do not even love baking or eating cakes like that. but i am still looking at this option.

The bottom line is that i do not want to work for anyone full-time anymore, i am in here for the long haul, so i must do what i need to do to pay my bills  whilst i build my business.


Lesson learnt you must decide if you are in this for the long haul, if it will take you 1-2 years to succeed are you willing to do the work while you gain slow and steady momentum.


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