What is Events PR


For the benefits of my readers who do not know what PR is and also those who think events PR is just events management. I will explain.

public relation is an integrated strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between a business and its target audience whilst event management solely aims to create great events that will be remembered and talked about for a long time.

Planning and managing an event is an aspect of public relations but it is for the sole purpose of the business connecting directly with its audience and future clients

 PR and events have a synergy they go hand in hand even though some PR professionals do not like to admit this, but for a successful pr campaign one of the strategies used will be a live event or a PR stunt


PR events provide a way for brands to masterfully connect and communicate their brand, product or services to their audiences

  Another way they go hand in hand is the pr professional will have to know how to plan an event or a PR stunt, whilst the events manager has to know how to PR the event so it gets appropriate media coverage, which can equate to ticket sales and attendance, advertisers and sponsors.

hopefully this gives an insight to what events PR is and how it can help any business, small or large.

PR Lesson – all business, big or small need public relations to either continue to engage with their existing customers, which brings brand loyalty or they need it to promote a new product or service.


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