Fear and self confidence

Hello readers, this last week has been a week of self-reflection and gaining confidence in my abilities

full frame shot of text on wood

After last weeks post of carving out my niche, I started doing more research on my niche and all of a sudden i became extremely fearful, I started doubting myself, started feeling very anxious, thinking to my self can i really do this, am i sure I would not be laughed at, should i just go back to work and do this part-time, will my skills actually translate to a viable winning strategy for a business. all these thoughts started flooding in. i then decided that was enough research for the day, no more on the topic, just watch tv or scroll through social media for positive encouragement anything to take my mind off the fear.

As I was just trying to take my mind off the fear and self-doubt, a fellow creative who founded a faith-based website called celestial weekly  sent me a message, this is because I do their administrative tasks, and as we got talking i sent him the link to the blog and he asked since I was heavily invested in PR why have i not helped the magazine with PR, and my only answer to him was i am afraid and not confident enough to suggest my ideas to the team. he then proceeded to encourage me by asking me to use the platform to practice my craft and he gave a beautiful illustration which was

“Imagine you wanted to be a hairdresser

Wouldn’t it make sense to practice on your family’s hair?

When they go out and people ask where they got their hair done, isn’t that referral for you? Then that referral breeds confidence. Then confidence in yourself and your brand generates the revenue”

I was so inspired by this message and it really encouraged me to stop being afraid and just go out there and practice my craft, all the great quotes say do not be afraid of failing, just do it, you fail and get up again and keep on going, this inspiration led me to suggest an idea for the upcoming anniversary of the magazine and they are actually going to use  the idea. (win)


Lesson learnt -inspiration comes when you least expect and it can come from anyone if you just take the time to notice they are speaking to you regarding what you are feeling at that time. take the leap and just suggest or implement the idea in your head it is practice, and practice leads to confidence.



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