Carving out my business Niche

Starting my business I knew what field i wanted to go into, i knew it would be in Pr and events, that i was sure of, but PR is such a big field and it is advised to create a niche for yourself or be sure what type of niche you want to go into, i read many articles and all articles say this is the best way to start, the real brainstorming began, what niche do i want to go into that will fuel my passion and i can be consistent in

blackboard business chalkboard concept

In this process I read a lot about the different types of niches out there and it was as if the Gods were on my side, this blogger and youtuber i follow religiously lavendaire started a series called the dream life series, all about creating your dream life and as fate would have it she had a podcast episode with a public relations success coach called Erika Ashley, she gave invaluable advice on how she started and how she used all the skills she had learnt from previous jobs to start her business but the most important for me was she advised listeners to reach out to whoever her mentors were and ask them questions.

I decided to ask her on her Facebook page and she actually replied me, she actually helped me a lot for this i am her No1 fan till forever. i explained my skills and she gave me advice so in conclusion i decided on my niche.

I am going into the events side of Public relations, therefore I have officially started my events management business, this was perfect because i did my masters in events management and my degree in PR, i suppose i always knew what i wanted i just didn’t have the courage to really be confident about it.

This is how Kiki Callisto PR events management agency truly  begun

Lesson Learnt – always reply to messages on your socail media, it really does go a long way in people recommending your business services.


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