My Journey to Greatness

welcome to my blog, to be honest this has been a long time coming , but i have been too scared to start especially as i knew only consistency would win, i didn’t want  to start without knowing that i would be able to give it the love and care it needed, but alas here i am finally.

I recently took the plunge and quit my job, this was a sudden decision but once i made it i was immensely happy, which i know means i made the right decision, which is part of my motivation for starting this blog.

 This blog is going to be about my small business to world domination blog (not literally) but how my small business started and how it grows, from where it now (non-existent) to where i hope it gets to

in the last 2 years i have consumed numerous books that have helped me get to this place i am right now which i will share some of these in my later post and especially influencers that have inspired me, in reading all this content i find that there is so much information  but not enough practical advice and the truth behind the great success stories. on this blog i hope to speak with some of these successful people and gain further insight and along the way my own personal journey to making my business a success

photo of man on the dessert during daylight

This picture sums up how i am feeling now, in the desert looking for greener pastures and opportunities, to make it .

in future i hope look back through this  blog and see the progress and the journey that it takes to achieve success.






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